Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meshacks BBQ Garland Texas

Went today for lunch and man is this place the real deal! Got a sliced brisket sandwich (moist cut) and ribs with the "hot" sauce. Brisket had some great smoke penetration and overall was tender and tasted great.
Have to mention that the "hot" bbq sauce was some of the best ive ever had as well. Lots of heat with a nice tomato base and not too sweet.  Like a louisiana style hot sauce meets a traditional bbq sauce, a perfect accompaniment to the great meat.
The Brisket had an incredible bark and the meat was treated right and smoked the correct way. Got the ribs as well and they were fantastic. Smoked perfectly with a true "old style" smokey taste where the meat was able to truly shine through.
Since reading the reviews about the place I had a good idea what to expect and was prepared for some solid bbq. Also knew they didnt use a dry rub or at least not much seasoning and was thinking the meat might be a little bland. 

Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that the plain deep sweet smoke was just perfect for these great cuts of meat. As a BBQ fanatic this place is the real deal and has just jumped to the top of my list in the DFW area. Nice work folks of Meshacks! Ill be back soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smitty's Market April 18, 2010

Went to the famous BBQ capitol of Texas Sunday April 18, 2010 and my first visit to Smitty's Market.
The old location in downtown Lockhart Texas on Commerce St. is everything true BBQ should be. The historic building, the black smoke caked on the bricks inside Smitty's, the classic oak burning pits, the friendly pit master and the best tasting BBQ ive had the honor to eat, Smitty's Market is THE quentessential BBQ experience.
Here are some pics of the visit.